Next year’s to do list

This is a quick post that probably won’t be much good for reading by anyone other than me. One of the things people on BAK told me to do is write out some notes about what I’d do differently next year. So I’m going to do that here, because it will be an easy way to get back to it. … Read more

Crossing the line

Biking Across Kansas 2015 is officially over. We crossed the line into Missouri, held our bicycles  triumphantly, snapped some photos and pedaled back toward Louisburg for lunch. We grabbed our bags, said goodbye to our friends and headed back to the real world. And the photographs will show that we crossed from one state line in the west to another … Read more

Climbing expectations

I’ll come back and update this later. It’s been a busy day and I haven’t had much time to sit down and write. Also, I’m struggling to get my photos uploaded with the internet service available. Today’s ride was officially 74, but ended up being 75.5 on my bike computer. As promised, there were a lot of hills, some quite … Read more