I’ve written both as a reporter for The Hutchinson News, and as an editorial/column writer. I’m proud of some of the work I’ve done in both capacities.

Probably the most read work I’ve ever done is what became known as the Kansas Obituary. It got a lot of attention and caused a fair amount of trouble for Gov. Sam Brownback. It also landed me in several national news stories, on NPR, and involved in several speaking engagements like this.

Here’s a list of some editorials and columns I’ve written.

Lessons learned from a 1-year-old girl

Greatest State of the Union speech ever

Lessons from Oxford

Blind to justice

Explaining fatherhood

What I want for America

Questionable help

Picking Kansans’ pockets

Kansas Conservatism

Criminal Behavior

Faces of Food Stamps

Gold Digger

Agent Brownback

Capitol offense

State of the State for Insiders


The very personal reason Sam Brownback won’t get my vote

Below are some of the better news stories I’ve written.

A life without boundaries

In 2006, I became curious about the life of a man who was found dead in the Arkansas River. I spent three days talking to people who knew him – the liquor store owners, the people at New Beginnings, and residents who gave him a little work from time to time.

A road less traveled

In 2010, I received a call from a friend of mine, who said there was a homeless person sleeping on Main Street. I was working as news editor, but didn’t have much staff in the office, so I checked it out myself. What I found was a very interesting woman, who told me wild tales about herself and said she enjoyed living a life free from any restrictions.

End of a journey

Readers really responded to Matilda and wanted to know what had become of her. Sadly, she died in a Texas jail cell. I contacted family members and learned that Matilda, as she was known to readers, had endured a life of sadness and abuse. Although she was married and had a family, she periodically wandered the country as a way to escape reality.


I’ve won a couple of awards, some of which I’m proud to have earned. Probably more importantly, however, are the awards that members of my team have won for the incredible work they’ve done. – namely the Marvin Burton award in 2011 for a series about the deteriorating condition of housing in Hutchinson. Learn more about the Marvin Burton award, or read the series here.

Other awards include: 2012, 1st place column writing, Kansas Press Association; 2011, 1st place editorial writing, Kansas Press Association, 2006, 1st place feature writing, Kansas Press Association, 2006, Media Award, Kansas Correctional Association.


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