I am the news editor for the Hutchinson News, and manage a staff of 13 that includes reporters, a graphic artist, clerks, and online editors. I also write incendiary editorials and columns that sometimes lead to people doing things like putting my face on a roll of toilet paper. (This is a thing that actually happened, at least online). But I’ve received some nice emails and letters, too, so it all balances out.

Otherwise, I spend a lot of time biking, fishing and doing other activities that keep me outside. Occasionally, I’ll try to paint – though I’m terrible at it. There’s not much I won’t try, which is sometimes good, and sometimes bad – like that time I ate a fish eyeball because a foreign exchange student from China said it was good. She was wrong.

The best way to reach me is via email at jprobst@hutchnews.com, or at my personal address, jayfactor2000@gmail.com. You can also message me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @thatguyinhutch

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