A couple of quick interesting bits

I don’t know if this sort of thing is useful, wanted, or whatever. But I thought it was, so decided to share it with everyone.

This first link is to a document called Legislative highlights. It’s essentially a plainly written summary of all the work done in the previous legislative session. I found it useful, and I expect others might as well. The rock stars in Legislative Research put this together. I haven’t made it all the way through this thing yet. But there’s a lot in here that I suspect doesn’t get widely covered. Did you know there was a Scrap Metal Theft Reduction Act? Neither did I.


This link is to a Post Audit report on cabins at state parks. The question is basically: Do they make more money than it takes to run them. The short answer is yes, they do. But it also has a breakdown on average cost, occupancy rates and other information I find interesting. Also note that the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has used ZERO State General Fund dollars for its operations since 2013. That’s pretty remarkable. I’ve always thought the cabin program was a good move for the state.


Let me know if this sort of thing is useful. I’d like to share as much information with people as possible, but not so much that their eyes glaze over.



2 thoughts on “A couple of quick interesting bits

  1. Definitely useful. Patsy had shared a variety of information that had not been done by her predecessor. I found it very educational and learned a lot about the legislative process I didn’t know about before. So keep those posts coming about what’s happening in the legislature. Somehow I got on an app called Countable that lets me know what legislation is coming up in the US Congress, provides quick links to the emails of our 3 legislators to let them know what I think, and also how they ultimately voted. There are all kinds of legislation being voted on that I had not a clue about. Wish there was something like that for the Kansas legislature. Again, thanks for your service.

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