The people behind the policies

This was a busy week. I began it with a trip to Topeka on Monday, where I visited with House minority leader Jim Ward. Later I spent more time with the folks at Legislative Administrative Services – who, once again, took the time to help me out and show me around the capitol. I moved on to meet with Legislative … Read more

True facts about Eagles

I received the most inspiring story in my email inbox the other day. It was about eagles, those bold, powerful birds that are the symbol of American might and grace. This story, as told in the email, outlined how eagles can live to be 70 years old, but only if in the middle of their lifespan they make a “hard … Read more

Stuff is stuff

I helped a friend clean out his mom’s house today. She’s been in a nursing home for a couple years, after suffering from dementia. Before they found care for her, things had gotten pretty bad, and it was clear that she needed more care than either my friend or his siblings could provide. But today, we went through her stuff, … Read more

Openness to Randomness

I only needed to read the headline of my friend Ryan’s blog to know what he’d be saying. He’s been talking about bubbles for a while now, so I could’ve guessed a blog on the topic was in the making. But the fact that I was reading it while a man from Cox Cable was explaining a new television system … Read more