Yogi Bogi at Metropolitan Coffee

Not much to write here. I’m basically just putting Mitch’s latest music project on here so people without SoundCloud can listen to it. He’s got a new band and I’ve got new recording gear. I’m sure we’d both be interested in feedback. This is the entire show, which I think is about 22 minutes long. The songs, in order are 1. Blossom 2. Squid 3. Crater 4. Adrift 5. Never Ending Song 6. A journey Adjourned

There’s a mess up on the last song. I thought about editing it out. But I sort of liked it, so I cleaned it a bit and left it in there.

1 thought on “Yogi Bogi at Metropolitan Coffee

  1. Thank you for sharing your recording! I’m so excited about Chase joining Yogi Bogi! I like their music – easy to listen to. Also all the kids are very talented and nice 😄

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