A healthy breakfast

What I ate for breakfast wasn’t all that healthy – two eggs, over easy, hash browns, bacon and toast. But the words that filled the air over that breakfast might have been the healthiest I’ve had in years. I met with a friend this morning, and I didn’t know what we’d talk about. I never do, but it’s always good, … Read more

An unplanned lunch

This has nothing to do with cycling, but this is where I’m going to start putting things like this that I want to write. Around 10 this morning, a woman stopped by the front desk and said she wanted to talk to someone in the newsroom. That someone ended up being me. Her name is Mildred, and she¬†can’t hear or … Read more


On July 4, I rode to McPherson for the annual Smith Family Explodapalooza. I wanted to make a good ride of it, so I went through Hesston via Dutch Avenue, then up Old Highway 81 into McPherson. On the way, I saw this field of wheat stubble, and I stopped. It wasn’t too long ago that I rode this same … Read more