Early morning bonus!

I woke up early, and most of my stuff if put together already, so I decided to give a little bonus post of some things I didn’t mention from yesterday.

More about that fall – the repair shop people made me feel better about it, because they said those tracks that threw me so violently to the ground are famous for doing that. They even wrote it on the tag.


Also, I’ve drawn up a diagram to show the importance of wearing a helmet, and showing the location of my railroad track induced injuries.


Also, here’s a video of Leroy Hersberger teaching people to juggle. I’m going to catch him and talk to him some day. My friend, and frankly the guy who’s kind of watching out for me to make sure I don’t accidentally kill myself, Harlen Depew said this guy always has a group around him hanging on his every word. He’s from the Partridge area, and Harlen said he graduated from Yale.

Lastly, here’s a picture of my granddaughter, Lila, and her first time eating spaghetti. Not because it has anything to do with BAK, but because it has to do with everything.


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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. If you run into (no pun intended) Ron Kibbe, tell him hi for me. Look for me at the Cobbler Ladies east of Sterling on Wednesday.

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