Too much?

I think I may have a problem.

Part of getting ready for Biking Across Kansas included putting some last minute gear on my bicycle. When I was finished, I realized my bike weighed quite a bit more than normal, and I began to question if there was room for my hands on the handlebars.

See what I mean?

loaded bike


This bike came with handlebars. Then I added a bike computer to track mileage and speed. Then I added the aero bars to help me get down out of the wind. As BAK came closer to becoming a real thing, I added a mirror so I could see whatever vehicle was about to hit me. Then I decided that I needed to add a Go Pro Camera so I could record some video along the way.

I should’ve known something was wrong when I had to engineer a place to put the camera. I tried the top of the handlebars, but that seemed like it would get in the way. I tried the stem and the seat post but I didn’t like either of those options. I finally settled on the underside of the handlebars because I seldom use that area, and I thought it would be out of the way. We’ll see.

Tonight was a flurry of activity. I’ve geared up the bike, and loaded two bags of gear – one of which includes a tent, sleeping bag, camp pillow, and some various clothes. I closed it up, and immediately wondered where I’d put my computer. The other bag is filled with biking clothes, some granola bars, a towel and a variety of personal hygiene items. But not a razor, because I’m not going to shave this week. I hate shaving, and I don’t see anything good that come from shaving when I’ll be spending all day on my bike.

Yesterday’s nervousness about the ride has turned into today’s nervousness about whether I’ve remembered to pack everything I’ll need. I’ve loaded up my bags, and tomorrow I’ll go through them again just to make sure I have everything I need. I’m trying to follow the BAK packing list, but if this goes like every other big trip ever in my life, I’ll discover too late that I’ve forgotten one crucial item. I’ll remember to pack the emergency first aid kid that I won’t need, and forget something vital, like a cell phone charger.

I’m finding it a little hard to believe that tomorrow is actually the day this begins. I registered for BAK on Jan. 29th – the day registration opened. Now that it’s here, I hardly know what to do with myself. I had lunch with my son, and dinner with my daughter and granddaughter, like I was going off for a cruise around the world or something. I talked to my mom for a bit.

But ready or not, missing some crucial item or not, tomorrow is go time. This isn’t an idea any longer; it’s a reality and it’ll be too late to back out. No matter what, I’ll just have to keep pedaling.

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