The Stories I Hear

Note: The full version of this can be found on my campaign web site That seems to be the better venue for this. Follow this link for the full version I had two conversations this weekend that bothered me. Actually, it was three now that I think of it. I’ll get to them in a moment. Sometimes, when I … Read more

Placing Value

A while back, I wrote about how much I appreciate the sometimes random chances in life. How when we are open to it, when we create space for it, these sometimes unplanned things can enter our lives. They can be rewarding, enriching, enlightening and filled with fun. In recent weeks, I’ve not allowed much randomness into my life. I’ve been … Read more

Backpacking forward

On Thursday morning, I went to the HCC Cosmetology building for the annual First Call for Help back pack give away. This happens every year for as long as I can remember. When I was at The News, we’d write about it beforehand, to help drum up donations, and the day of the event. This was the first time I … Read more

A couple of quick interesting bits

I don’t know if this sort of thing is useful, wanted, or whatever. But I thought it was, so decided to share it with everyone. This first link is to a document called Legislative highlights. It’s essentially a plainly written summary of all the work done in the previous legislative session. I found it useful, and I expect others might … Read more

Why I shouldn’t read my legislative email in the morning

So, I got this email from someone at the Kansas Department of Children and Families. “New Report Shows Kansas Welfare-to-Work Policies Effective” It basically explained how the cuts Gov. Sam Brownback put in place further restricting access to the state’s assistance programs have been hugely successful. At the end of the email, it offers this little nugget of evidence: “Since … Read more

The people behind the policies

This was a busy week. I began it with a trip to Topeka on Monday, where I visited with House minority leader Jim Ward. Later I spent more time with the folks at Legislative Administrative Services – who, once again, took the time to help me out and show me around the capitol. I moved on to meet with Legislative … Read more