Cycle of discovery

I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn’t know when. As it turned out, what I thought would happen started on Wednesday, on the road between Lincoln and Chapman. After four days of draining winds and blistering heat, the weather turned a bit, and the ride, for the first time, was more pleasant than it was work. And that’s … Read more


I have a lot of ground to cover. Let’s start with the rides. Tuesday was a 69 mile ride from Plainville to Lincoln, and it was a very difficult ride. I don’t think I’m alone in that assessment. I heard a lot of people talking about how tiring it was. And the reason, quite simply was wind. Terrible wind that … Read more

BAK to Normal

After two days of considerably difficult wind and heat, the third day of BAK has returned somewhat to normal. Well, as normal as normal can be for people who think it’s fun to ride a bicycle across a windblown state. We left WaKeeney a little later than we had planned – because I was exhausted from the day before and … Read more

Heat, wind and making it to WaKeeney

I’m way behind on writing and updating about Biking Across Kansas. Part of that is because there wasn’t reliable Internet at our location in Tribune, and I’m on a Chromebook that all but requires an internet connection to do anything. But mostly, it’s because I’m exhausted. As is typical, the short ride from the Colorado border to the first overnight … Read more

The last step

The boy stood at the edge of the felled tree that spanned over the flowing creek below. His legs shook, his body was bent slightly, with arms extended downward ready for the moment when he’d lose his balance and fall. “I’m scared,” he told his father, who stood on the ground just a few feet in front of him. “But … Read more

When corporatism comes to your home

As an economic theory, we’re told, there’s nothing that creates the most wealth for the most people more than capitalism. This system of goods and services, exchanged on an open marketplace, allows opportunity to exist and thrive. It allows each individual to identify his or her skill set, perfect it, and trade it to others for money or other goods … Read more

Cash basis

I have a friend who always gives me a little grief because I never carry cash around with me. We’ll go out to grab coffee somewhere and he’ll slap down a couple dollars to pay for his drink, while I’ll slide through the plastic. “You know that costs these small businesses money? They have to pay fees every time someone … Read more