When corporatism comes to your home

As an economic theory, we’re told, there’s nothing that creates the most wealth for the most people more than capitalism. This system of goods and services, exchanged on an open marketplace, allows opportunity to exist and thrive. It allows each individual to identify his or her skill set, perfect it, and trade it to others for money or other goods … Read more

Cash basis

I have a friend who always gives me a little grief because I never carry cash around with me. We’ll go out to grab coffee somewhere and he’ll slap down a couple dollars to pay for his drink, while I’ll slide through the plastic. “You know that costs these small businesses money? They have to pay fees every time someone … Read more

An orchid fading

I have a friend who often reminds me that sometimes one thing has to die in order for something beautiful to grow up in its place. I’m thinking about that now, as I watch the blooms on my orchid wane. What once was two healthy stalks teeming with lively white and purple flowers, touched just slightly with yellow, is down … Read more

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

I’ve not had much Christmas spirit this year. I’m not sure what it is about this year that’s different but it is. I generally dislike the season anyway. Not the getting together with the people who love you, or sharing heartfelt gifts with one another. I like that part. But, overall, I see the holiday as little more than a … Read more